The Fourplayer Podcast has inspired many people in the community to create various types of art work. This can range from artist interpretation of the player's likeness, comics, and more. More user art can be seen and submitted in the art thread.

The PlayersEdit

Many people have their take on what the players look like.

Bradfatalframe 4ppartwork3-foolishmofo 16hokdv-panchojoshi Nobunagatravisfp0-"shadowbolt" Nobunagaum1-neoh333
BradDavid2-benisu 4pp-"rabbeseking" Webcam200807292131if6 57208 Kosg8
Davbs4 Redfzp4 KSCN0001-burpboy 1z5kavm-eggo 2rw0y9t-eggo
260bqyg-eggo Bradculaqi8-ZombiNe Bradeq1-zombine David2by2-ZombiNe Davidcolorti2-ZombiNe
Dfgjbh0-zombine Nicktu9-zombine Travis-ZombiNe


Primarily two members of the community have made comics based on situations that occur on the live broadcast, these members are thecosmicfly and icarus94.


thecosmicfly has three main series of comics: The 5th Player, theCHAT and Specials.

The 5th PlayerEdit

1-boredconspiracy 2-stealthatit'sbest 3nick'srevenge 4-helloiamnobunaga 5-songanddance
6-impersonation 7-ilikefedupstuff 8-diabolical 9-mascotaudition 10-brad+xbla=-3
11-juanfortheladies 12-havingsecondthoughts 13-perception 14-lost 15-drinkmilk
16-whatdidshesay 17-hello 18-bongobongo 19-keepinghealthy 20-thegiftthatkeepsongiving
21-outforrevenge1 22-outforrevenge2


1-introductions 2-samedifferences 3-memeforyou 4-thinkbeforeyoutype 5-benefitfromthedoubt


Extralife Seasonsgreetings


4playerpodcastcom Backtoschoolnight Betrayal Comingof Comingofepilouge-1
Noteven-"icarus" BRADSLAMENT Ghhhgf Mutualunderstanding Herearemyballs2

Other MembersEdit

4PPChatterComic-Purgers Keycomic1gd3 Lxz6a Blahblahsi8-chokehead Bradslonelynighth-clone


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