The Fancast is a community podcast hosted by various members in the community.


Date # Audio Description
26 Jun 2009 9 Listen This week, Ratfoot and Bakarena joined DaFishies and I to talk about The Conduit, OnLive, the games they've been playing, some news, and recent developments within the community. It was cool beans.
19 Jun 2009 8 Listen This week, GPink and Hellmonkey joined us to talk about combat systems, point and click adventure games, news, the stuff they've been playing, and then we go be awesome.
13 Jun 2009 7 Listen This week, DaFishies and darknezz were joined by Shouhei and Fendermcbender. They were kind of quiet throughout the show, and darknezz had a few rants.
5 Jun 2009 6 Listen Racmaster00 and Bryn (the cool guy that makes the news fader banners) joined us this week. DaFishies left a surprise for you at the end of the show.
30 May 2009 5 Listen Episode 5, the "Last Minute Changes" show, is now online. We recorded this one a day late, because of me, so Racmaster00 was unable to join us. This week's guests are DavetheZombie (filling in for Rac) and Rencamo.
21 May 2009 4 Listen Episode 4 has SuperFusion and Blitzkey joining us to talk about news in the gaming industry. Not a lot happened with 4PP this week, so, we ranted a bit on some subjects in the gaming industry.
15 May 2009 3 Listen This week on the fancast, we had Pan1c and Zekana join us to talk about stuff. Here's some links to stuff we mentioned. Tag, 8-Bit Theatre and Unforgotten Realms.
8 May 2009 2 Listen Here it is, folks. Recorded earlier tonight, unedited. This week, DavetheZombie and Vensito joins us to be awesome and talk about stuff.
2 May 2009 1 Listen Well, here it is, our premiere! Our guests for week one were Rabbeseking and Skyliner12.

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